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For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) is an international youth organization that operates the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League Challenge, FIRST LEGO League Explore, FIRST LEGO League Discover, and FIRST Tech Challenge competitions. Founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers in 1989, its expressed goal is to develop ways to inspire students in engineering and technology fields. Its philosophy is expressed by the organization as Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism. FIRST also operates FIRST Place, a research facility at FIRST Headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, where it holds educational programs and day camps for students and teachers.

A former employee shared his experience, "FIRST has a very political environment. Everyone's looking for the "optics" and "jockeying" for positions. The culture has turned very toxic over the past few years. Management has allowed a culture of bad behavior from some - without any kind of a matter of fact, some of them get promoted. Don't expect an apology from anyone. It's a blame game and CYA all the time. Bad behaviors are rewarded and there is no defense or safegards against them. If you are not a director, you don't have a leg to stand on. There are some really smart, caring and capable people working here - but they leave. So many times they are overworked, under appreciated and it seems like unless you whine about something, or play the blame game - you can't be successful here. Don't have a different opinion than someone else, or really try hard to change things for the better - you'll be called out as not collaborative. I've seen so many good employees railroaded by their managers - and HR just jumps right in and assists. Never once asking the employee what is going on or hearing them. Can't hear them if you don't ask. It's a shame. Please volunteer - you will love it and you can stay out of the politics and drama. The kids deserve to be supported - even if the org doesn't support all employees."


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James says

"AVOID AVOID AVOID First Union Lending. They are very misleading in their marketing and they broker loans to actual lenders which cost you more. First I will address their misleading website and claims. They state they are a lender and even on their website and email signatures show a logo that states First Union Lending – Licensed Lender. In the center of this logo it shows a so called license number. This is actually how lenders who have a license show their license number. However after investigating this was a Florida Secretary of State LLC document number, VERY MISLEADING. Second issue. Even with excellent credit and time in business. They shotgun your file to a ton of actual lenders. This in turn lowers your credit score and doesn’t look good to other financial institutions. They tried to state it was soft pulls. However my credit report says different. My speculation is they do this to see who is going to give them the greatest yield spread, points/monies paid to them. Not the best deal of their clients. Third Issue. We got a loan approved. Went in to sign loan documents at First Union Lending Orlando Florida. Was told we would get a copy of these documents. After signing got to talking about other things with their so called underwriter and left their office without getting them. Called several times to ask for a copy and never got them. On the third call asking for those loan documents. I was told they couldn’t get them. They said that their lender would release them to us once the loan funded. This is when my red flags started going up. I then contacted the State of Florida Department of Financial Regulations. The investigator I spoke with seems concerned enough he ask us to submit a complaint and to report this to the State Attorney General of Florida’s office. So after speaking with our attorney. He has advised filing complaints with the two agencies above and also the Federal Trade Commission against First Union Lending. In closing we used this company because their advertising stated they were a lender and they had a local office in Orlando Florida. Too many red flags out there related to using First Union Lending services. Misleading marketing claiming to be the lender, doesn’t seem to follow standard procedures when it comes to supplying loan documentation and my guess is using that Florida LLC document number to try and represent an actual lenders license number in their website graphics, email signatures and other online advertising . I even have to really suspect their online reviews are not real. There are companies out there you can hire to leave shill reviews. Notice how all the 5 star reviewers only have one review on Google but yet those who left negative reviews have multiple Google reviews. This screams fake reviews. If so this is another thing the FTC is cracking down on. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! EDIT: Looking at this companies Google Reviews. I am finding a lot of people who left 5 star reviews also left 5 star reviews for a lot of the other same businesses in New York and Las Vegas. Such as Las Vegas Pool Crawl, Furry Land Mobile Grooming and Loix Cleaners and Laundry in New York. Whats the odds of all those people using your company and the others??? This screams FAKE Reviews"

Anton Ewing says

"I was telemarketed by First Union Lending, LLC and [redacted]. My phone is on the DNC registry. My phone is a cell phone so it is a free scrub. 47 USC section 227 of the TCPA makes it illegal to call cell phone to solicit. That is what First Union Lending did. When I told them to stop, what I got in return was a very negative response. [Redacted] was not nice. He said his buddy, [redacted], is a law enforcement officer and then [redacted] did something really bad. Wow! All I did was get a telemarketing call (actually several of them) and now I am the one going to jail. This is insane. Just got a text message from {redact} more negative comments. Wow! First Union has lawyered up and fighting with frivolous motions and perjured declarations. You can monitor the civil RICO case in the southern district of california."

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